Diamond Couple Support The Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Ambulance Trust

Joseph and Myrtle Russell visited The Queen Elizabeth Hospital to donate £250 each to the Critical Care Unit and the Ambulance Trust as a thank you for the care Mr. Russell received.

The couple, from Wormegay, recently celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary and held a family party to commemorate their 60 years together.  Mr. Russell had a heart attack in February last year, and was brought by the Ambulance Trust to the Critical Care unit at the hospital.  The couple was so pleased with the care they received from all concerned, they asked for donations instead of gifts at their party and collected £500, which will be shared equally.

Myrtle Russell said: “We held a party at home to celebrate our diamond wedding and asked our guests for donations instead of presents.  My husband received the best care possible from both the ambulance service who rushed him to The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, and then the whole team when he was in critical care for six weeks after his massive heart attack.  Everyone who came to our party was incredibly generous, and we are both thankful every day that we got to share our 60th wedding anniversary together with the people we care so much about.”

Julie Allen, Practice Development Critical Care Nurse at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital went on to say:  “We all take so much pride in seeing our patients who were extremely poorly when they arrive, leave us, feeling better.  Seeing Mr. and Mrs. Russell again was great and to learn they had raised so much money for us and the Ambulance Trust was fantastic.  We would all like to say thank you very much to both them, and their extremely kind friends and family.  The money will go towards equipment to help the rehabilitation of critical care patients, helping people for years to come. “

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