Media Release

Wash your hands to prevent the spread of Norovirus

Visitors to The Queen Elizabeth Hospital are asked to not put their loved one’s health at risk by visiting after experiencing symptoms of Norovirus.

As increasing levels of Norovirus have been seen in the community, the hospital is putting in place a number of measures to protect patients.

People who have experienced diarrhoea and/or sickness are asked to stay away from the hospital for 72 hours and all visitors are now asked to wash their hands when arriving along with reporting to the Nurse in Charge of a Department or Service before seeing a patient.

Glynis Bennett, Lead Infection Control Nurse, is requesting for the community’s support.

She said: “Many of our patients are ill and frail so contacting Norovirus has a devastating impact so I would ask visitors to help support the hospital’s infection prevention and control efforts.

“Please use the sinks at the entrance of the hospital to wash your hands when you arrive. This simple action can prevent the spread of this infection quickly. Alcohol gel will not kill this virus.

“We are also asking visitors to stay away from the hospital for 72 hours if they have experienced recent diarrhoea and/or sickness.

“Visitors are also asked to report to the nurse in charge before entering the ward. These measures are vital.”


Pictured is Glynis Bennett

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