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Support Team QEH this winter by bringing patients’ clothes

Families will be able to play their part in supporting hardworking medical staff during the busy winter months by ensuring loved ones have a fresh supply of clothing.

Leaders at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital are appealing to families and carers to help support clinical teams by bringing in a fresh supply of clothes and supportive footwear for patients during their stay.

By having their own clothes, rather than nightwear or gowns, patients are able to get out of bed and start moving sooner which will help to retain their level of mobility.

Deconditioning is a serious issue facing older and vulnerable patients as 10 days in a hospital bed equates to 10 years of ageing in the muscles of people over the age of 80. This syndrome can also result in some patients losing the ability to do simple tasks, like get dressed.


Initial evidence has shown that getting up will not only help patients retain their mobility and independence but also reduce their length of stay in hospitals.

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital is joining forces with colleagues in hospitals across the Eastern Region on the #EndPJParalysis #Powerof1000 challenge. The aim of the 100 day challenge is to help 100,000 patients and create a sustainable movement to help hospitals during the busy winter months.

Chief Operating Officer Ciara Moore is leading on the campaign, which kicks off on September 14, with Prof Brian Dolan.

She said: “Winter is traditionally a busy time for all hospitals and the Trust has comprehensive plans in place to ensure that we are prepared.

“But families and carers will be able to support our efforts by ensuring that their loved ones have a sufficient supply of clean clothes to help them get out of bed.

“Getting dressed in your own clothes makes a tremendous difference to patients by helping them to feel better, increased mobility and more like their old selves.

“This also impacts on the efficient operation of hospitals, like The QEH, as patients are able to be discharged sooner.

“We are delighted to be working with other hospitals in the region on this campaign.”


Prof Brian Dolan has a career that spans more than 30 years working as nurse and nursing leader in acute, mental health and emergency nursing. He has expertise in Lean Thinking Methodology, clinical service redesign and patient flow.

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Pictured are Senior Nurses at Team QEH (Ciara Moore)