Media Release

Disruption due to building work

Patients and visitors are warned of changes to the reception area within The Queen Elizabeth Hospital when building work starts later this month.

A number of changes will be taking place within the main foyer as builders begin work to enhance facilities in the Hospital’s Accident & Emergency Department.

Earlier this year, the Hospital was awarded £221,000 from the Department of Health’s £100 million A&E Streaming package.

This money is being used to create a new clinical room to allow patients to be streamed by a clinician who will assess their needs and then decided where they can receive the most appropriate care.

Chief Executive Jon Green said: “We would like to apologise to patients and visitors if the building work causes any disruption over the coming months but this is an important project for the Hospital.

“This new facility will not only make a big impact on our staff but also patients and the community as a whole. Our aim is to provide the highest standard of healthcare to the people of West Norfolk and the surrounding area.”

Visitors are still encouraged to use the sinks to wash their hands, when these are moved further into the reception area.

Prescriptions and the cash machine will also be moving into the small waiting area, to the right of the main doors.

Work will start on September 22.


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