Slow and steady wins the race!

Contributing to the success of The Queen Elizabeth Hospital’s ‘Wheely Big Appeal’ were Edward and Carol Manning who raised over £1,000 to help the campaign reach its overall target of £24,000.

The couple held a snail race evening in February, which had around 80 people inside the Three Holes village hall.

The light hearted event had 64 digital snails racing throughout the night with 8 separate heats taking place.

Each race was sponsored by different local companies with a great deal of support coming from the Wisbech area.

Edward Manning said: “We were very happy with the support and the amount raised through this event. Our daughter highlighted the stories that were being shared about the appeal and we wanted to support our local hospital. It was very exciting to be a part of and we are very thankful for the support.”

Head Porter, Liam Cawston said: “Wheelchairs are incredibly important in the day to day work for porters as well as the experience our patients have. There is a great need for them on a regular basis so we are very grateful for this donation and the support this campaign has received.”


 Pictured left to right: Carol Manning, Liam Cawston, Edward Manning

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