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QEH nurse supports Fairstead science week

A nurse has been speaking to primary school pupils about the importance of washing their hands to prevent the spread of viruses.

Belinda Sadler, Clinical Lead for Infection Prevention and Control at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, took part in Fairstead Community Primary School’s Science Week.

On Monday, 19th November, Mrs Sadler spoke to Year 6 youngsters about norovirus which is a common stomach bug that causes diarrhoea and vomiting.

The virus is caught if particles of poo or vomit from an infected person get into the mouth from contact with someone who has norovirus, touching contaminated surfaces or eating contaminated food.

Mrs Sadler spoke to youngsters about the importance of washing hands with soap and warm water to remove all bugs. The children took part in an exercise looking at how well they washed their hands. Through the use of an ultra violet light and gel they learned how easily germs spread from hand to hand and how despite washing their hands they were still able to see where they had not been cleaned enough.

She said: “It was good to be invited along to the Fairstead Community Primary School to speak to the children about staying healthy.

“Norovirus is very common at this time of the year and the best way to prevent contracting this is to wash your hands with soap and water and don’t use antibacterial gels as they do not have an effect on viruses. I hope the children will share these messages with their families and friends and help to keep everyone healthy.”



Pictured is Belinda Sadler with youngsters from Fairstead Community Primary School

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