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Children’s treatment inspired fundraiser for The Queen Elizabeth Hospital

A Tilney All Saints family raised £2,500 to buy toys and equipment for hospitals, including The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, after being inspired by the care provided to siblings who were seriously ill.

Stanley and Nancy Daisley, seven and three respectively, both spent time on Rudham ward and at the Roxburch Children’s Centre while receiving treatment at the hospital for Type 1 Diabetes and a rare kidney disorder Membranoproliferative Glomerulonephritis (MPGN).

Nancy also received treatment at Nottingham Hospital.

Stanley became very poorly and was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in November 2018, being treated in A&E before spending time on Rudham ward, then returning home.

He now receives ongoing support from the Paediatric Diabetes Team based in the Roxburgh Centre.

Then three weeks later, Nancy went down with the extremely rare MPGN, which caused her kidneys to stop working.

She was initially treated on Rudham ward before being transferred to Nottingham Hospital for specialist care, where she was treated with high dose steroids and lots of medications.

She then needed up to 10 hours each day of back-to-back treatments, including kidney dialysis and plasma exchange and chemotherapy to help her condition improve.

At one point, Nancy was so poorly that the medical teams would not predict her outcome and worked tirelessly day and night to try and stabilise her.

With all of this in their minds the families of Stanley and Nancy, in particular their auntie and uncle, Lisa and Gareth Todd, decided to raise money for the children’s wards in recognition of the support provided by the medical teams.

The couple set up a Go Fund Me page for a tandem bungee jump they took part in in Birmingham on 28th April, which raised £1,570.

The remainder of the donations were raised at an annual presentation event at Stanley’s football club, Terrington Tigers.

As well as donating to Rudham ward and the Roxburgh Centre, toys and equipment were also provided to the Paediatrics Diabetes Team in the centre and ward E17 Specialist Paediatric Renal Ward at Queens Medical Centre at Nottingham Hospital.

The children’s mother Lisa said: “Stanley does not let having Type 1 Diabetes affect how he lives his life, it’s just a new way of living it, and Nancy is now in remission and doing very well.

“I don’t know where we would be without the care and support of the amazing staff at both hospitals, we would be lost without them, they are all fantastic.

“Stanley and Nancy continue their care at the Roxburgh Centre at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, and this care is second to none.”

“When Nancy first arrived in hospital, she had such a fear of anyone with a nurse uniform, but now she comes in and sees them and she’s fine with receiving treatment and relaxed in their presence.”

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