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Stroke survivors get creative for QEH

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital received a different kind of donation this week in the form of a painting.

The amazing artwork was donated by members of the Hunstanton Stroke Group, who hold regular meetings for stroke survivors to give advice, support and aid rehabilitation.

The interpretation of the infamous Mona Lisa has been hung up near the hospital’s dedicated stroke unit, West Raynham.

Gemma Smith, Support Coordinator at the Stroke Association said: “We use arts and crafts a lot with stroke survivors and their carers. It is rewarding for people to develop skills, some using their non-dominant hand. It can be relaxing for both stroke survivors and carers, both psychologically and physical.

“We are lucky to have a number of very skillful artists who have become regulars working with stroke patients and know how to get the best out of everyone, whatever their ability or difficulties from their stroke.”

Mona Lisa picture

Local artist, Maxine Byron, regularly hosts art sessions at stroke support groups within Hunstanton and King’s Lynn.

Lance, Les, Asia, Tony, Diane, Janet, Sybil, Pam, Ann, Keith and Pete from the Hunstanton Stroke Group worked together to create a Mona Lisa painting to brighten up the corridors leading to the stroke unit at the hospital.

Each member of the group, some of whom have had stays in the QEH’s West Raynham ward, painted a section, then all sections were put together to finish the creation.

Suzy Butler, Specialist Occupational Therapist, said: “This is a lovely piece of artwork which brightens up our stroke outpatient waiting area. We know only too well the devastating effects of stroke and its impacts on balance, cognition, vision, mobility and use of hands. To create such a lovely piece of art, having these kinds of problems is fantastic and inspiring for other stroke survivors.”

For more information about Stroke groups visit the website at or contact the team on 01366 377803.



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Pictured: members of the QEH Stroke Team