Media Release

Family’s fundraiser for new Radiology monitor

A Southery family has raised £723.30 for a new Observation monitor for the Radiology department at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital King’s Lynn after their father received vital emergency care from the team.

Roger Osler was given only a week to live after bladder cancer had blocked his kidney in July 2018, but the nephrostomy he received meant he was able to live for nearly a year before he sadly passed away in June this year.

A nephrostomy is a procedure to divert urine from the kidney when there is a blockage preventing urine from passing from the kidney to the bladder.

Collections were made at Mr Osler’s funeral which paid for the machine, which carries out observations on patient’s while they are receiving treatment, including their blood pressure and pulse.

Prior to his death, Mr Osler had praised the Radiology team for the standard of care he had received.

Jason Smith, Deputy Clinical Lead in Radiology, said: “The new monitor will enable us to work more efficiently and quickly especially if we have a patient needing emergency treatment. The time saved could be vital as currently we have to find monitors from elsewhere which are usually older machines.”

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