Media Release

Team spirit ensures junior doctors at Queen Elizabeth are able to cope with COVID-19

The fight against COVID-19 has not affected the morale of junior doctors at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn despite caring for patients who have tested positive for the virus.

Rebecca Perris, 25, a Foundation Year One doctor, said many of her patients were receiving cancer treatment and were therefore in the high risk category for COVID-19 as they were receiving drugs that suppressed the immune system.

She said: “Overall, we are all doing well. Morale is still quite good. I think we are lucky in that the junior doctors have a good relationship with each other and we are all united and support each other.”

She is more worried for her patients’ safety than her own and is now more aware if a patient has a new persistent cough or a temperature that these patients need to be risk assessed and will need early assessment to be swabbed for the Coronavirus.

“It does worry me because there are the patients with co-morbidities (one or more conditions) and high risk factors and those that we know will need extra support.

“It is on your mind a lot and you need to be aware that patients with symptoms such as a temperature or a cough, may require swabbing,” Dr Perris said.

The social restrictions imposed in response to the virus have had an impact on her family life.

“My family are in London and my parents are older and in isolation and at high risk so I have not seen my parents at all. I think that it is difficult, it is tough, because you want to be able to hug your mum on Mother’s Day, but can’t do so.

“However, I hope to be in touch with my parents via video call and messaging.”