Media Release

QEH launch new children’s pre-assessment service

Staff at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn have launched a new nurse-led service to improve the experience of children and young people undergoing procedures under general anaesthetic.

Launching today (June 1), the new service will give children the opportunity to ask questions, allow staff to accommodate for specific requirements on the day and also undertake necessary medical checks prior to surgery.

Nicola Staff, Paediatric Pre-Assessment Lead, said: “This excellent, quality service improvement is child centric. We want every child to have a positive experience when coming into hospital. It’s normal for children to feel scared or worried, so we aim to make them feel as comfortable as possible ahead of their procedure. We are currently developing new resources such as virtual ward tours and literature welcoming children to our hospital.  This aims to allow children to prepare, familiarise themselves with the hospital surroundings and to ensure smooth-running on the day of their surgery or scan.”

Based at the Roxburgh Children’s Centre, appointments will be run by a registered children’s nurse and health play specialists, working with children from aged two to their sixteenth birthday. Appointments can be face-to-face, via video consultation or over the phone.

Nicola continued: “To ensure a child has a pre-procedure plan which takes account of a medical need such as diabetes for example, we will ensure they have had the correct guidance pre-procedure as part of their pre-assessment. With the pre-assessment appointments, we can also help plan with the child and family appropriate distractions needed, that are of interest to the child to ensure they have nothing less than a great, positive, hospital experience.

This new service aims to ensure a quality and safe experience for children and their families when attending the QEH and reduce potential for cancellations.


Download the press release here.

Pictured: Nicola Staff, Paediatric Pre-Assessment Lead and Mandy Calvert, Health Play Specialist.