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QEH worker reunited with daughters after 9 weeks apart

A frontline worker, redeployed to support The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn’s response to COVID-19 has been reunited with her family after nine weeks apart.

The emotional reunion between Suzie Vaughan, 43 and her two daughters, Bella, 9 and Hettie, 7 was captured on video and has now gone viral on social media.

The girls, who had been staying at their Auntie’s since the beginning of the outbreak, cried happy tears and hugged their mum when they were reunited with her after nine weeks apart.

Suzie V video

Suzie, an Operating Department Practitioner (ODP), has been relocated to work on COVID ITU and COVID A&E.

She said: “It was a difficult decision to make, but I wanted to keep the girls safe. I was able to put more hours in at work and help the patients who needed it most.

“It’s been a tough time being away from them, but seeing the girls again was the best feeling ever!”

Suzie has worked at the Trust for over three years and as an ODP for 22 years and is usually based on the Arthur Levin Day Surgery Unit.

Caroline Shaw, Chief Executive at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital King’s Lynn said: “Like many of our staff, Suzie has put the needs of our own family aside to help support our patients and our Trust.

“Without the dedication of people like Suzie and the support of our local community we would not have got through the last few weeks so I want to say once again, thank you to our staff for everything, thank you to our local community for all the support and in particular thank you to Bella and Hettie for letting us borrow their mum – she has done an amazing job and we are so proud of her.”

The video has been watched over 2.6 million times and has been shared by Pride of Britain and Sky News.

Suzie Vaughan

Watch the viral video here. (via @Lottsoflove21 on Twitter)



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