Media Release

New QEH Sandringham Unit open for treatment to first patients

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn opened a new elective surgical facility today, which will lead to a much-improved experience for patients and their families as the hospital heads in to its busiest months of the year.

The Sandringham Unit provides the hospital with a dedicated elective surgical facility and means the Trust can restart its elective surgical programme.

The Surgical Pre-Assessment team completed their move into the Sandringham Unit on 28 October and this new dedicated facility means that all patients will now go to one place for their surgical pre-assessment bringing this important service under one roof.

Initially 12 extra beds will open at the Sandringham Unit (soon expanding to 25 beds), and the two additional surgical theatres will help the Trust to cope with the demands that winter and the second wave of COVID-19 may bring. 

Kari Caley, who was one of the first patients to use the new facilities, was impressed with the new service and commented: “The Sandringham Unit was really lovely and the staff were very caring and welcoming – overall I’m happy”.

As well as extra space and capacity, the hospital has also welcomed over 70 new members to the Trust, following the transfer from BMI to QEH.

Denise Smith, Chief Operating Officer for QEH, said: “We are so pleased to open the new Sandringham Unit. This is fantastic news for our patients, their families and our staff. We are delighted to have a dedicated elective surgical centre which will open all year round for our local population.  

“The acquisition of the Sandringham Hospital is a really important strategic development for the Trust and one which will hugely benefit our patients and local community.”