Media Release

Hospital’s success in clinical trials

The Research team at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn are celebrating their success in recruiting a record-breaking number of patients to research and clinical trials.

The ten-strong team have already recruited over 1,100 patients to participate in research trials for new treatments. This is almost double their target of 674 patients for the year with 5 months still to go – their best year on record.

Antonia Hardcastle, Research and Innovation Lead, said: “Our patients are always so eager to participate, even if the trial doesn’t directly benefit them they get satisfaction in knowing this may help benefit others.

“The work we do is so important in building evidence which drives the NHS forward and receiving such a great response to patient participation in research means we can continue to improve our quality of care and offer better innovative treatments.”

The team’s main focus this year has largely been focused on COVID-19 research, making a major contribution to the national study which saw them ranked 35th out of 507 Trusts earlier this year.

Having now resumed other clinical studies which were put on hold during the first wave of the pandemic, the team are currently researching over 45 studies including topics on strokes, mental health and babies.


Download the press release and photos here.