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QEH recruits first participant onto ground-breaking breast cancer study

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital King’s Lynn (QEH) has recruited its first participant onto an innovative breast cancer study, which was funded by the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR).

Following a recent diagnosis with breast cancer, Linda was invited to participate in the clinical trial – ROSETA (Refining and Optimising a behavioural intervention to Support Endocrine Therapy) – as part of her treatment.

The study aims to help people with early-stage breast cancer follow their medication plan through a combination of up to four measures: text reminders; written information about medication; therapy sessions; and a website with information to help manage side effects.

Linda Marion, a retired Administrator at QEH, said: “I was happy to do it, not just for me, but for individuals who will benefit from what comes of the trial. It’s so important to do your bit to make these studies happen.”

Linda was assigned two of the four measures – text reminders and therapy sessions – and said that she found the latter was the most impactful to her personally.

Linda said: “I’ve always tried to maintain a positive mindset throughout this process, but some days it’s very difficult, and these modules are giving people tools and mechanisms to help them cope during treatment.”

Linda has praised QEH for the fabulous care she has received and encourages other people to participate in in clinical trials if they’re able to.

Hayley Webb, a Research Nurse at QEH, said: “We are so grateful to Linda for agreeing to take part in this importance study. She has been amazing, and this is the third study she has taken part in – all funded by NIHR.”

Dr Amy Fox, Principle Clinical Psychologist at QEH, said: “As scientist-practitioners, it’s so important for Clinical Psychologists to contribute to the evidence base that we use to inform the treatments we offer to patients. As such, I am delighted to be delivering the psychological intervention in the ROSETA Pilot Trial for the Trust and I’m proud of our team for making us the first site nationally to recruit to this trial.”

Helen Macdonald, Chief Operating Officer at NIHR CRN East of England, said: “I am delighted that QEH has recruited the first participant to the ROSETA trial, and we are so grateful to Linda for participating in research. Without people like her, clinical trials couldn’t happen. Thank you, Linda.”

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