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Lifelong Learning Success

A Lifelong Learning event was recently held as a celebration of the partnership programme between The Queen Elizabeth Hospital and UNISON.

Lifelong Learning, a program set up by The Trust in November 2013 aims to provide learning opportunities for staff to aid confidence and social skills. The opportunities provided do not necessarily relate to work  and are often provided by staff in their own time with classes including dancing, yoga, pilates, language classes and sewing. To date, nearly 1,000 employees have taken part in the range of activities on offer.

Darren Barber, Joint Staff Committee Chair said: “Today has been a fantastic demonstration of what can be achieved by working together. I am passionate about having Lifelong Learning at The Trust. It’s been great to see the enthusiasm everyone has shown – not just today, but all the rest of the time when colleagues are getting involved with the range of opportunities available to everyone who works here.”

One of the guests in attendance was Henry Bellingham MP. There were also a host of representatives from groups and organisations, demonstrating the range of opportunities available to people while they are working for The Trust.

Henry Bellingham, M.P. commented: “Lifelong learning is about unlocking potential. The older I get the more I realise you can learn something new every day. This hospital is quite fantastic but is changing, but that means as far as staff are concerned the more they can build their self-confidence and self-esteem then the more likely they are to really really unlock their potential. Pilates and learning Spanish are broadening life skills and also gives them more self confidence in the job they do in the hospital.”

Glyn Hawker, UNISON Easter Regional Secretary added: “Today is a day about the people that have worked so hard to make these Lifelong Learning activities happen and a success. It is a fabulous showcase about everything that is positive, dynamic and developmental about trade unisom. I congratulate and applaud everyone who is involved with today.”

Tracy Woodhouse, Executive Assistant at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital concluded: “I really look forward to taking part in the classes. Not only am I learning new skills, but I’m also getting to meet people, who I may have only been in touch with by email or not at all before! This face to face relationship with colleagues has benefited my day to day role, and the new skills benefit me greatly outside of work.”

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