Media Release

Flexible Visits Benefit Patients at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Visiting patients who are being cared for on our adult wards at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, King’s Lynn will become far more flexible with a trial starting on 4 April 2016.

The Trust will be changing visiting times so that families and friends can come and see their loved ones from 10.30am – 8.30pm seven days a week.It is anticipated that by extending opening hours, it will be easier for the hospital to communicate with the family, and offer greater involvement in the care of their loved ones. It will also help to reduce anxiety of patients, as they will have as much support on the wards as they need throughout the day from their loved ones.

Catherine Morgan, Director of Nursing said: “We want to make sure patients in our care, and their families, feel as comfortable and supported during their stay as possible. We feel that visiting times should be inclusive and strongly believe this flexibly will help to develop a culture of openness throughout The Trust. We will be listening to the feedback of patients and their visitors, and continue with the longer opening hours if it is the right thing to do based on what we’re told.”

The Trust believes the new hours will support staff working on the wards. There will be less telephone calls asking for information, as the flexibility of the opening hours means more people will be able to visit in person. It also enables better patient discharge planning as the family will be on hand to answers questions and make sure that the appropriate care will be available when the patient returns home.

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