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The Queen Elizabeth Hospital is experiencing a surge of Norovirus Attendances

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, King’s Lynn is currently experiencing a surge in patients attending with Norovirus symptoms.

The Trust is asking visitors who have experienced diarrhoea and vomiting symptoms in the previous 72 hours to stay away.Dr. Ian Hosein, Associate Medical Director for Infection Prevention and Control said: “It’s important to let people know that Norovirus is principally a food borne infection. I would ask visitors to please not bring self-prepared food items into our hospital. They could be accidentally contaminated with the virus, which puts patients at risk of getting the infection.

“Looking after patients with Norovirus means we sometimes have to close areas to stop the virus spreading, which naturally puts the hospital under further pressure. Any support you can give in preventing more cases by washing your hands properly, not bringing food into hospital and not visiting if you’ve been poorly in the previous 72 hours will be a significant help.”

The Trust is calling on help from the public after quite a number of recent admissions with the vomiting germ. If you are experiencing symptoms of diarrhoea and vomiting, but are otherwise healthy, please stay at home, however if people are concerned, the advice is to speak to their family doctor in the first instance.

The Trust is also keen to stress the only effective way to remove the virus is to thoroughly wash your hands. Alcohol gels and hand sanitisers do not get rid of Norovirus. Hand washing is essential when preparing or eating food and when you come in contact with anyone who has the virus or has been suffering with vomiting or diarrhoea.