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Innovative solution to help ease anxious waits for parents

Waiting for your child to come out of an operation is never going to be easy for anxious parents but this could change thanks to an innovative solution introduced to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Parents are now being handed a Quiet Call Pager by surgical staff to alert them when their child has returned from theatre.

The idea has been developed by the hospital’s Project Management Team and is also being used to help pregnant mothers at the Brancaster Outpatients’ Clinic.

These pagers have been funded by the King’s Lynn Hospitals League of Friends, which last year donated £80,000 worth of equipment.

Hospital Chief Executive Dorothy Hosein said: “Since its introduction, this simple device has already made a huge difference to parents who are desperate for news of their child. The pager lets them know almost straight away when the youngster is out of theatre and calls them back.

“As a hospital, we are aiming for excellence in all areas of the care we provide along with the experience offered to our patients and their families. Harnessing the latest technology helps us to do that.

“I would like to thank the League of Friends for their continued support to the hospital, its staff and most importantly the patients.”

The pager system has already been used very successfully in the Fracture Clinic by allowing families to move around the hospital before being called back for their appointment.

Following from this trial, a further 20 pagers have been bought and divided between Theatres for its pediatric patients, and Brancaster Outpatients. The system will be rolled out to other areas of the hospital.

The pagers, which vibrate when alerted, can be used anywhere within the hospital and parts of its grounds.

Parents or carers with a pager are also entitled to a free cup of coffee or tea within The Hub Restaurant, which can be found on the hospital’s first floor.

Project Manager Sarah Davidson is demonstrating the pager system at the League of Friends annual meeting, which will be held in the hospital’s lecture theatre at 7pm on Tuesday, September 27.

She said: “The trial in the Fracture Clinic has worked really well resulting in good feedback from patients.

“We hope that the pagers system will also help to make expectant mothers more comfortable while they wait for their scans or appointments with the doctors.

“The pagers are really simple and easy to use.”

The hospital is working onto the second phase of its £3.2 million programme to create state-of-the art Laparoscopic Surgical Theatres.


 Pictured are: Surgical Staff Nurse Shaun Claxton and Theatre Practitioner Sharnagh Kennett

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