Fundraising Media Release

QEH staff bake cakes in fundraising sale for Nutrition and Hydration week

Butternut squash turned out to be the mystery ingredient in a cake which had left many sweet-toothed staff at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital guessing.

Bakers from across the hospital donated a range of beautiful cakes to be sold at a popular coffee morning in the QEH restaurant, The Hub, as part of Nutrition and Hydration Week.

This national campaign aims to raise awareness of the importance of nutrition and this year the hospital focused on how it could improve the care of vulnerable patients as well as promoting ways in which everyone can play a part in improving nutrition and hydration for patients.

Practice Development Nurse Adrian Debney coordinated a number of events during the week which included a staff poster presentation in The Hub and a highly popular coffee morning. This included healthy options and a competition to guess the mystery cake ingredient.

The event raised £207 for dementia care, which will be spent on equipment such as adapted cutlery, to help improve the mealtime experience for vulnerable patients in the frailty ward.

Mr Debney said: “It is safe to say there was an overwhelming amount of support from both the public and members of staff within the hospital. Everyone can help to support vulnerable people within hospital and I think it is very important that everyone is aware of this and remember the core values of a safe supportive environment.

“The large amount of donations amply demonstrates how the QEH community is committed to improving the patient experience. Their compassionate and generous response has motivated us to host similar events in the future and aim to raise more each time.

Emma Hardwick, Director of Nursing, said: “It is very important for us to take this opportunity to raise the awareness of good nutrition and hydration among our staff to enhance patient care.”


Pictured: Anne Byrne

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