Media Release

Maternity team’s success in reducing the number of post date inductions

The maternity team at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn is celebrating the success of post-date clinics, which have reduced the number of women receiving induction of labour at 42 weeks of pregnancy.

A team of eight midwives run the clinics which were launched on 1st March, 2018.

The aim of the service was to reduce the amount of women receiving induction for post maturity by between three and five percent and improve service user satisfaction. Reducing costs was also part of the aim.

The clinics involve routine ante-natal checks, a membrane sweep, acupressure point stimulation and aromatherapy massage.

The service is primarily run by community midwives in a variety of locations including Downham Market, North Cambs Hospital, Kings Lynn and The Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

An audit was carried out before and after having the service for one year.

In the year that the post dates clinics have been running, we have seen a 27.6 percent decrease in the amount of women that received induction of labour for post maturity (2017/18 vs 2018/19).

There had also been a notable decline in the number of women receiving caesarean sections following post-date treatment and induction of labour.

Rosie Hucklesby, a Community Midwife, has launched and led the service.

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