Fundraising Media Release

Generous Gavin is back at it again!

Steve Barnett and Gavin EnglishThe Queen Elizabeth Hospital’s most dedicated independent fundraiser continues to amaze with even more donations to the cancer care fund.

Gavin English of Docking, donated yet another £10,000 cheque to the Cancer Care & Treatment Fund, £600 of which was donated from a Waitrose community project.

This brings Gavin’s grand total to £80,000 in donations so far, working out as over £1000 a month for 6 years!

Aiming to raise £100,000 for the fund, Gavin is already planning years of fundraising to come.

He said: “I can’t believe it! It seems so unreal that I have raised this amount of money; although, I’m already planning 2022!

“Fundraising for the hospital has done me a lot of good. It keeps me occupied and is a dedication to my late wife, Frances, who died of lung cancer.”

Steve Barnett and Gavin EnglishGavin raises the funds from car boots, supermarket collections and from donations for his series of short stories called “The Last Waltz.”

Trust Chairman, Steve Barnett, presented Gavin with a certificate to mark his £80,000 fundraising achievement. He said: “Gavin is doing amazing things yet again – he is a true fundraising star and we are exceptionally grateful for him and everything he does for the Trust.”

Gavin attended the Royal Garden Party last year at Buckingham Palace after a successful nomination from the QEH as a thank you for his excellent work for the hospital.


Pictured: Gavin English with QEH Chairman Professor Steve Barnett.

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