Media Release

QEH Chaplaincy Team: “It’s important we support our staff as well as our patients”

Stella Green Easter

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital King’s Lynn’s Chaplaincy team has been even more essential for the day-to-day running of the hospital.

The Chaplaincy team made up of Lead, Stella Green, and Mark Bredin and Lee Gilbert are giving vital support to patients and staff throughout Easter and beyond during challenging times for staff and patients.

Lead Chaplain, Stella Green said: “Visiting restrictions as a result of coronavirus mean we are essentially replacing our patient’s family and friends. We are visiting many patients who are so pleased to have someone to sit and chat to and break up the loneliness, especially as they are missing their relatives.

“We want staff to use our space as somewhere to come to chill out and take a minute. The whole team is here to support our colleagues by lending a listening ear or a space away from their wards or departments. It’s important that during this time we support our staff, as well as our patients.”

A new “wobble box” initiative has been rolled out Trust-wide: with many respite rooms set up across the hospital to help staff unwind, including at the Sacred Space.

Mark Bredin, Chaplain, said: “While all this is going on, it’s also important to remember that other things are still happening within the hospital. As a team, we are still caring for the people with other illnesses and requirements, whether that is end of Life care or a listening ear at their bedside.”

Group services for all faiths have been suspended until further notice due to social distancing guidelines; however QEH colleagues are welcome to use the Sacred Space individually for prayer or as a place of quiet reflection.

The Chaplaincy team has also set up a pastoral care line for staff, and is offering an extended service, running in-house Monday to Friday and out of hours via the hospital switchboard.