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100th Baby Joins the Waterlily Club

The Midwife Led Birthing Unit at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital welcomed its 100th birth on 7 March.

Jameeleigh Boughen, 18 from Wisbech, gave birth to her daughter Rubie-Rose Short at 5.44am in the Waterlily Unit at The Trust, the 100th child to be born since it opened on 21 December. Rubie-Rose was greeted into the world by her father Daniel Short, grandmothers Fiona Horgan and Amanda Jacobs, and her aunt, Alicia Boughen, along with midwife Kayleigh Darling.

Jameeleigh, gave birth to Rubie-Roses’ brother Danny on 18 March 2015 in the central delivery suite at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital and was very pleased that she was able to use the new unit this time around.

Jameeleigh Boughen said: “My waters broke 21 hours before I gave birth to Rubie-Rose, but because I was able to use the Waterlily Unit I felt really relaxed during the whole experience. It was lovely that I could have my birthing partners with me as it kept me calm, and meant that they could play a part of this special day. Kayleigh, my midwife was wonderful and I want to thank you for the care she showed us all. I am so excited that we had the 100th baby here!”

Fiona Horgan, Rubie-Rose grandmother went on to say: “This really is a fantastic unit. Everyone we met was brilliant and we were all made to feel welcome and relaxed. It was such a joyous occasion and we are so proud of Jameeleigh. We cannot wait to show Rubie-Rose off to the rest of our family.”

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