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Netball teams are sure shots to raise £1,400 for The Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Fundraisers collected more than five times their target figure from a netball tournament to raise money for Rudham ward at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Kings Lynn.

Players Nikki Read, 41 and Lauren Kirby, 23, had organised the tournament, at Lynnsport on 24 November, to support the ward, where Nikki’s son Callum had been treated for an arterial condition prior to his death in May 1999, aged two.

However, the competition, involving 100 players from King’s Lynn, Wisbech and Spalding, surpassed the expected £250 figure, raising £1,400 for the ward.

The mixed gender tournament involved ten teams in two groups, with each player paying £10 to register and there were 15 games in total, with the winners being the King’s Lynn Ultras.

A further donation came in from Vicky Lewis, a school friend of Nikki, who lives in Gran Canaria and raised 100 euros through a raffle.

Lauren said: “We actually set a target of only £250 right at the start, then we got to £500, then £750, then a thousand. We were absolutely delighted to have ended up with a figure of £1,400.”

Nikki added: “We wanted to donate to a local cause and this was something that was close to our hearts as my son was treated by the team on Rudham ward.”

The two organisers are also netball players, who are part of the Diamonds team which competed in the tournament.

Carley Gibbens, Head of Nursing for the Women and Children’s Division, said: “We are delighted to receive this money raised by the netball players, which will help to make a real difference to patients on Rudham ward.

“To raise much more than their target figure is also fantastic.”

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