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QEH flu campaign gets a little help from Erin

Reffley Academy's artwork will be used at Trust to encourage staff to have the flu jab

A young pupil’s artwork is supporting the QEH’s flu vaccination campaign.

The Trust teamed up with one of its nearest schools – Reffley Academy – to run a competition for the design of a poster promoting the benefits of getting the jab.

Year 3 pupil Erin Frost’s superb effort earned her the prize of an art set, presented at a school assembly.

Erin Burch winning flu poster

Nikki Sullivan, a member of the Trust’s Occupational Health team, said: “We were really pleased to be able to reach out into the wider community with this.

“The pupils did a fantastic job with their entries and made the judging a difficult task.

“We’re hoping to get more than 80 per cent of staff members immunised this year because the vaccination protects everyone – our patients, work colleagues and family members. Erin’s poster will remind people around the Trust of the importance of getting the jab and hopefully encourage our highest-ever participation rate.”

More than 1,000 staff members were vaccinated in the first few days of the campaign. All Board members had the jab at their latest meeting.


Photo caption: Erin Frost and her competition prize, with QEH Occupational Health team member Nikki Sullivan (left) and Reffley Academy assistant headteacher Helen Fendley.

To download the press release and images click here.

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